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Bedford escorts

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Bedford escorts

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Bedford escorts

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Bedford escorts

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Bedford escorts

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Bedford escorts

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Bedford escorts

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Bedford, located in the eastern part of England, is the main county town in the more significant borough of Bedfordshire. Bedford is known to many as a bedroom town for commuters to London. It is no metropolis or seas-side port, so its most notable attractions are its formation history, its architectural structures from the early 13th century, its outstanding Italian population, and its numerous churches. The River Great Ouse that runs through it is another notable attraction.

But that is only the surface when it comes to understanding Bedford’s allure. In addition to being relatively safe and quiet, the town is also home to a promising nightlife scene compounded by theatres, live music venues and, cinemas.

The town also allows the operation of adult entertainment venues and largely overlooks escorting. This combination of supporting factors makes Bedford one of the best towns in the UK to meet an escort and have fun. For pleasure-seekers coming from the UK’s major cities, there is no better town to lay low in and have escort fun the way you like it.

Escorting in Bedford: A History

Bedford is an old town; it was around as early as the 1100s. It received its town status from Parliament in the mid-1200s and has been growing ever since. So it has sex work and escorts culture. Even as far back as the 12th century, escorting was a thing. Courtesans were available for wealthy men. Prostitution was even more mainstream, and it was frowned upon.

Centuries later, not much has changed. Bedford hasn’t grown to become a bustling metropolis, but its sex work scene has prevailed. If anything, it has boomed. Prostitutes can still be seen around Midland Road and the area around Bedford Castle in the evenings despite area law. Escorts continue to advertise and offer services to willing clients from London and from within the town itself.

Escorting in Bedford: The Legalities

As a recognized borough in England, Bedford falls under England’s jurisdiction. The current state of affairs regarding the legal nature of escorting and sex work in all of the England’s regions is that it’s legally recognised. This means that it is safe to hire escorts in Bedford for clients and legal for escorts to work.

The Bedfordshire Police, via its website, emphasizes that “adult prostitution is legal, however many things associated with [it] are not.” This wasn’t always so, and all across England, sex work was punishable by shame, scorn, and jail time. The new Policing and Crime Act of 2009 changed the state of affairs and in the sex workers’ favor. Its mandate was to make possible the decriminalization of prostitution country-wide.

According to this act, outcalls are legal, and offering sex-related services is okay as long as it’s not done in public. The law also legalizes that act of soliciting for sexual services with the promise of financial rewards as compensation. In some areas of the United Kingdom such as Scotland, some of these issues are still illegal.

The law still targets activities associated with prostitution, most of which escorts in Bedford don’t really have to deal with at all or that much. Pimping out of prostitutes is a good example. Escort agencies in Bedford know how to circumvent this law, the same way they work around the issue of brothels, which the law also prohibits. Most encourage their escorts to seek outcalls only, because clients’ apartments cannot be referred to as brothels.

While the 2009 act also renders any form of advertising for sexual services illegal and punishable, this doesn’t extend to digital advertising such as internet and social media ads. Attempts to make this happen have previously failed. Escorts in Bedford can, therefore, advertise their services online safely without endangering themselves or their escorts.

The Types of Escorts in Bedford

Bedford’s escorts are best categorized under two types; agency escorts and independent escorts. It’s essential to understand the significance and difference between these two categorizations if you are to take part in the industry.

Independent escorts

Independent escorts get their name from the solo nature of their enterprise. Also known as ‘indies’, independent escorts manage their escort businesses on their own in order to be in better control. Bedford, like any other town in the UK, is home to a fair number of independent escorts.

By nature of their solo effort, independent escorts handle the various aspects of their business, including advertising on the internet, self-promotion, booking and scheduling, plus accommodation. They usually operate their own websites, and meet clients in their apartments for in calls.

The upsides and downsides of choosing independent escorts

Bedford’s independent escorts remain popular because of a number of reasons. Many independent escorts cater to non-mainstream sexual desires such as fetishes that other escorts may not handle. Independent escorts are also less restrictive about their schedules and client requirements, because they are in charge. They can travel anywhere clients want them to, and they tend to be sexually open. Many clients definitely think them better choices. One major downside is that independent escorts can be less attractive than their agency counterparts, and sometimes more expensive.

Agency escorts

Much like a modelling agency, an escort agency is a company that offers escorts to clients in an efficient, organized manner. Such Agency manage agencies escorts, and they are available in Bedford. Agency escorts are usually finely tuned and well-trained to cater to their clients’ expectations properly.

As agency escorts, such escorts have their accommodation, travel, booking, client scheduling and more managed by the agency in exchange for a cut of the escort’s earnings. The agency filters the clients for the escort too, so all she has to do is show up for work.

The upsides and downsides of choosing an agency escort

Agencies choose the best girls to work under them, so clients are guaranteed the best of the litter. Agency escorts are usually really pretty and sexy, and they are trained to make every session pop. Booking an escort from an agency is also safer than booking another from a random website.

Perhaps their major downside is their expensiveness, because agency escorts are rather high-maintenance. Clients should expect to shell out more. And because they are managed by other people, they tend to be rigid about schedules and rules.

Knowing what your escort is

You ought to know whether your escort is independent or agency-managed. This is a very basic detail about the escort that you must be aware of. You can always ask her outright during the booking process, but it’s always easy to determine by using the website where you find her profile. Independent escorts are usually located on personal websites and internet adverts, while agency escorts feature mostly on the agency’s website.

The Categories of Escorts in Bedford

Independent and agency escorts are just one small categorization of Bedford’s highly admired escorts. When looking out for the right escort, you’ll need to understand the smaller sub-categorization’s below:

BBW Escorts: Big Beautiful Women are represented in Bedford by the BBW escorts that operate here. They may not be very main stream or feature on many escort websites, but they can be located and booked for a wonderful session.

Mature Escorts: Younger escorts may be all the rage for most clients, but for those that prefer women of a certain age, Bedford has mature escorts ready for you. This sub-category is comprised of escorts between the ages of 35 and 65 and it is wildly popular.

Ethnic Escorts: Bedford is no stranger to immigration, which means that its ethic pool is diverse. This diversity spools into the escort business. You’ll find desi Indian escorts, European escorts, Caribbean belles and more to choose from in Bedford.

Niche escorts: If your current desire is something very specific, such as a urine fetish or scat session, Bedford has escorts that have specialized in that kind of thing. Even the most niche of desires have escorts in Bedford ready to serve them.

Sugar babies:You ever want to get a young escort to be yours alone for a while? It is everyone’s fantasy to have sex with a cute young escort. Come over to Bedford, because the town is teeming with young beauties ready to be your sugar baby.

Trans escorts: Bedford is no stranger to trans culture, and that includes trans escorts. You’ll find them on both agency websites and personal websites, and they’ll be either post or pre-surgery. There’s variety for everyone.

Very high class escorts:If your taste is the jet setting class of escorts, the very expensive girls that offer the most exclusive services, you can find them in Bedford. They are very expensive of course, but vastly entertaining.

Lower class escorts: These are the opposites of the very high class escorts in Bedford. They are still just as expensive, but more affordable for the everyday client.

You can also expect escorts from even smaller sub-categories such as ‘Skinny’, ‘Busty’, ‘Teen-looking’ and more. Bedford has them all.

What the Average Bedford Escort Is Like

Below, we break down the average escort you’ll find in Bedford by age, ethnicity, expensiveness and nationality.

According to age

You can expect to find escorts in Bedford as young as 18 and older than 60. These operate as both agency escorts and independently, although the older ones choose the latter more. They also tend to offer more niche services.

On Bedford escort agency websites, you’ll mostly find escorts in the ages between 19 and 25. The town itself already has a majority population of 18-24 year olds, according to town statistics.

According to ethnicity

Bedford is overwhelmingly white, which is unsurprising for a town in its location. The outstanding ethnicity in bedford is white british (74.4%), or white women born in Britain and its territories. But that doesn’t mean the town is devoid of other ethnicities.

In fact, like many other towns in the UK, Bedford 2nd biggest ethnicity concentration is the Non-White British group, or white women born in other countries. Immigration from neighboring countries like India, Italy, and Ukraine is the biggest contributor to this group, with special mention to the high Italian ethnicity numbers.

Other ethnicities such as Asian (15%), black/African/Caribbean (5%) and mixed race (4%) appear in smaller percentages, but are fully represented by the number of ethnic escorts available across the town.

According to nationality

Bedford’s ethnicity numbers are a good way to predict its escort’s nationality statistics. Bedford’s biggest population is British citizens, as is expected of such towns. In the most recent 2011 national census, over 50% of its residents were found to be of English nationality. 15% of residents identified as being non-UK citizens, while 8% had dual nationalities.

The most prominent nationalities in the area, apart from British and English are Italian, Indian (and other specific Asian countries) and European. This means that you can expect to find a good number of both white escorts and ethnic escorts, whether they are registered citizens or not.

Italian escorts (or escorts with Italian ancestry) are commonplace in Bedford thanks to a high influx of Italians in the 1950s into the Bedford area for work that started a generation of British-Italian ancestors. Other white non-British escorts come in from neighbouring European countries as a result of immigration and the European Union.

According to expensiveness

The average Bedford escort charges between £80 and £200 for an in-call session of one hour. Most escorts list their minimum session duration as one hour, with maximum session durations of 48 hours. Lower class escorts charge toward the lower end of the scale, as do new independent escorts.

Outcalls are more expensive in Bedford, with most escorts charging higher fees than for in-calls. A one hour outcall session with a Bedford escort will cost you between £150 and £250, depending on the escort. For longer sessions, such as the 48 hour sessions, escorts charge as high as £4000 pounds for an outcall. In-call sessions of a similar duration can cost anywhere between £2500 and £5000.

To be clear, these fees are for timed escort sessions only, which means that extra services and other costs (such as transportation and dressing) are covered by the client. The average Bedford escort charges between £60 and £100 for extra services per session. Some extra services are too fancy, such as dinner dates and events, so escorts charge even higher for them.

The Notable traits of a Bedford escort

Expect your Bedford escort to have a few of, if not all of the traits below.

• Urban and knowledgeable

Bedford escorts are not rural at all. Thanks to their proximity to nearby cities such as Cambridge and London, and to the bustling nature of Bedford as a town, the escorts here are wonderfully urban. They usually know what’s going on around them too.

• Diverse

Not every white girl you meet in Bedford is British. She could be of any nationality or have Italian ancestry. The town is so diverse that you can also find an Indian, Chinese or black escort without trouble. The diversity extends to age too; both younger and older women are available.

• Sexy and hot

They wouldn’t so popular if they weren’t so hot. A BEDFORD ESCORT IS SEXY AND HOT because they take great care of their appearance, whatever their size or frame or body or age. The town is also close to the University of Bedfordshire and some colleges so there are always young, sexy escorts available.

• Very discreet

Clients that love their escorts discreet will love Bedford escorts. Many of the girls here will only accept outcalls, and they will almost always reveal very little information about themselves or their contacts. Most have discretion as a rule for their session.

• Very free sexually

The services offered by Bedford escorts are slightly more varied than those offered by escorts in other UK cities. The girls here are slightly more open sexually, so they are willing to offer some very interesting services and are open to session modifications during the booking stage. Clients in need of niche services will do well here.

• Local

If you love your girls local, skip London and come find a Bedford escort. Most Bedford escorts live here, and while they travel for outcalls, they are not always too exotic. Even the few immigrants from other countries have the naturalness to Bedford that makes them seem like locals.

• Mid-range

The average Bedford escort isn’t very expensive, thanks to the town’s low-key nature and smaller size. Most of the girls here can be afforded by a client of everyday financial standing. Wealthier clients will have no problem making choice.


There’s a lot to discover about escorts and escorting in the English town of Bedford. But you can always learn all you need to know in no time, and we hope the guide from above guides you. The fact remains that Bedford’s escorts are true gems waiting to be claimed by their wonderful clients. This guide should give you all the basic information about them that you need.