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Emma and Alice

Coventry escorts

Services: Massage / Escort

SumaVal Jun 2020
Young and randy - the best description of these two tarts! You'll have your hands full for some time…... See full escort review
4 18-24


Coventry escorts

Services: Massage / Escort

QuincyKaseymane Jan 2020
One thing I must say I sincerely loved about Vivien is her smile. She was always smiling and it rubbed ... always smiling and it rubbed off on me man I love her personality and attitude Nothing seemed to bother her ... See full escort review
4 18-24


Coventry escorts

Services: Massage / Escort

ParshallPart21 Mar 2020
Luiza and I had a romantic and intimate session; one that was so good, I had to go back again ... had a romantic and intimate session one that was so good I had to go back again to see her ... See full escort review
3 25-36


Coventry escorts

Services: Massage / Escort

LarryLucescrew38 Dec 2019
Eva was an amazing masseuse, but she also performed OWO on me and was a great French kisser.... See full escort review
4 25-36


Coventry escorts

Services: Massage / Escort

StuckingSutffers9 Dec 2019
Yaizi was a passionate person and lived in the moment. I am so glad I met her because she taught ... so glad I met her because she taught me to do the same and my life has changed since then ... See full escort review
4 18-24


Coventry escorts

Services: Massage / Escort

ThinkOutzideDBox Dec 2019
I liked how sensual Janice was. She had a way about her when making love. She exhibited patience and didn’... when making love She exhibited patience and didn t rush things and that is why it turned out so well ... See full escort review
3 18-24


Coventry escorts

Services: Massage / Escort

InterestedRobby Nov 2019
Sonnya had a beautiful body; stunning and gorgeous. She is tall and graceful and a beautiful blonde. She was easy ... gorgeous She is tall and graceful and a beautiful blonde She was easy to like because of her outgoing personality ... See full escort review
6 18-24


Coventry escorts

Services: Massage / Escort

KrisKeith786 Nov 2019
This was my first time using an escort service and it was recommended to me by my friend Charlie. That ... was the best advice I ever got because Rebecca was so much fun and I plan to see her again ... See full escort review
3 25-36


Coventry escorts

Services: Massage / Escort

JosephCriton Nov 2019
I had a few ideas of how I wanted my session to go with Casandra, but I allowed her to ... to decide and she picked movies and a restaurant after which we would go hang out in my hotel room ... See full escort review
6 18-24


Coventry escorts

Services: Massage / Escort

Rayver21 Nov 2019
Belen is light an icing to a cake. She added extra color and taste to my boring night. I booked ... because I think her color is a perfect gold And I was not wrong she was my golden girl indeed ... See full escort review
3 18-24


Coventry escorts

Services: Massage / Escort

Fortunemisfit Nov 2019
At this point of time, it is already quite rare to find an escort that is genuinely nice. I have ... who have met a genuine lady like Vanaya She was enthusiastic all throughout the hour that I was with her ... See full escort review
3 25-36

Brown Sugar

Coventry escorts

Services: Massage / Escort

LarryWonderful Nov 2019
I am a lesbian and in a lesbian relationship. I wanted to have my girl experience a threesome and Brown ... I wanted to have my girl experience a threesome and Brown Sugar agreed to it We had an amazing session ... See full escort review
3 25-36


Coventry escorts

Services: Massage / Escort

KiaRio Nov 2019
The moment I stepped out of her door I knew I will be coming back soon. She was very easy-going, ... and kinds ate the hair She was like laughing at me not to mock me but it was very sensual ... See full escort review
3 18-24


Coventry escorts

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hornytime Jun 2019
This sexy young lass is a perfect companion for the bedroom and beyond. A perfect night with my perfect date. ... great companion she engaged in deep conversations She was everything that I imagined gave me a great and remarkable performance ... See full escort review
3 25-36


Coventry escorts

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eddiew May 2019
If you want a brunette with a supermodel body and sexy attitude, her she is! Seductive, naughty, playful and HOT ... naughty playful and HOT HOT HOT She made me very happy with the service Totally high class and well experience ... See full escort review
4 18-24


Coventry escorts

Services: Massage / Escort

56Cole Oct 2019
A woman oozing in class and beauty. Her natural body and boobs will surely leave you happy.... See full escort review
4 18-24


Coventry escorts

Services: Massage / Escort

platter Jun 2019
This sexy little number is certain to keep you excited in the bedroom. This fabulous escort is very nice and ... nice personality She is perfect beautiful sexy and friendly She relaxed me and took care of me Highest possible recommendation ... See full escort review
3 18-24


Coventry escorts

Services: Massage / Escort

Rowan_0819 Oct 2019
She is so fun to be with, from chatting to bed 10/10. Will connect with you and she doesn't rush things.... See full escort review

Since Coventry is so close in proximity to Birmingham, it tends to get looked over when clients are considering hot destinations to find escorts. This is a big mistake. By skipping over Coventry, clients looking for steamy escorts have no idea what they're missing out on.

Coventry is one of the most beautiful communities in all of England, which means it only makes sense to know that Coventry has some of the most stunning escorts in the entire country as well! There are plenty of reasons why the escort industry in Coventry is so successful. For one thing, the city itself has a rather racy history - which has led to one of the most popular pieces of folklore in British History!

Coventry is also in a very central location in England, which essentially makes it the heart of the country. This leads many different people to flock to Coventry for an assortment of different reasons - escorts included! Coventry is also one of the most appealing places on the continent for clients to find sexy escorts because the selection of sex workers in the city is so vast. Clients can literally find any kind of escort they would like here - it doesn't matter their personal appearance or sexual preference!

Beyond those reasons, Coventry is also one of the more sexually progressive cities in all of England. There are academics and community groups in Coventry which work day and night to expand our understanding and tolerance for a variety of sexual behaviors. All of these factors have a hand in the fact that Coventry is considered on of the preeminent escort cities in the United Kingdom. And we should know - Escort Rankings UK has made their name by becoming one of the leading authorities on escorting in the continent. As soon as you find out how many beautiful and Exciting Escorts are waiting in Coventry to find clients like you, you'll never have a boring night again!

How Coventry Was Initially Founded

Originally built on the banks of the River Sherbourne, Coventry is not only a city in England, it is a metropolitan borough and administrative center as well. Although the city functioned as a large settlement for the people of England for generations, it was only sanctioned official status as a city during the Middle Ages. Since it was given the recognition of being an official city, it continued in its growth to eventually become one of the most important and upwardly mobile communities in all of England. One of the reasons Coventry is so well recognized is the fact it is actually the most centrally located city in the entire country, finding itself situated only 18 kilometers from Leicestershire (the true geographical center of England).

The Demographics of Coventry

The city of Coventry has a total population of over 366,000 people, which - while rather small when measured against its closest neighbour (Birmingham) - still makes it the 9th most populous city in the entire country. This amount of citizenry also officially makes Coventry the 11th largest city in the entirety of the United Kingdom as well. When you consider the extended urban area of Coventry (which also includes the Bedworth Urban Area), it measures as the 20th largest conurbation in all of England.

Neighbours Of Coventry

Being situated so close to the very center of England, Coventry has many major population in close proximity. The nearest neighbour to Coventry is the city of Warwick - only 18 km to the south. The most populous nearby neighbour of Coventry is the city of Birmingham, which can be found only 31 kilometers to the North-West of the city. The city of Leicester can be found a mere 39 kilometers NorthEast of Coventry. If you wanted to travel to the nation's capitol city, London can be found 151 kilometers to the South-East of the city.

Lady Godiva - A Historical Figure Who Showed It All To Coventry

Although we might never know exactly why Coventry is such a mecca of escort activity, perhaps it has something to do with the fact that one of the most racy figures in the history of England has roots in the city. That person is Lady Godiva.

A man named Leofric was the Lord of Coventry (and the Earl of Mercia) during the 11th century. Leofric was married to a noblewoman known as Lady Godiva. During his reign over the citizens of Coventry, Leofric was known for instituting an unreasonably high taxation over the people in the city. These taxes were crippling the common people of the city, and Lady Godiva could see that the people were suffering.

Lady Godiva asked her husband if he would ever consider lowering the taxes in order to provide the townspeople with some financial relief, which offended Leofric. He told her that he would do as she wished if she rode through the city naked on the back of a horse, thinking she would never fulfill the act out of the sheer embarrassment it would bring upon her. After some thought, her determination to help the citizens of Coventry outweighed her potential shame and she told her husband that she would do as he wished.

However, before she rode through the town she instructed the people of Coventry to remain inside their homes and not look at her through their windows. The people complied, and Lady Godiva rode through the city completely naked. Only one person could not resist witnessing the beautiful woman ride through town and peeked through the window at her. This person, named Tom, was instantly struck blind as soon as he saw her (which is where the term "Peeping Tom" originates). Once Lady Godiva's task was completed, Leofric honored his deal and reduced the debts of all the people in Coventry.

The Effect Of Lady Godiva's Legend Throughout The Ages

Although historians are fairly certain this story is simply the work of legend, there is no mistaking that Lady Godiva was a real figure in Coventry. It is documented that she was one of the first female landowners in the country. Lady Godiva was known for her generosity towards the church - even helping to found a Benedictine Monastery in the city. While she may not have actually rode naked through the town, her sexy legend has been a source of inspiration for many artists and poets through the ages.

The Legalities Of Escorting In Coventry

As with the entirety of England, the laws regarding prostitution and escorting in Coventry still exist in a legally grey area. While there are some aspects of prostitution and escorting that are completely legal (meaning you cannot be charged for them), there are others that are still punishable by law.

This has led to the most arrests for "persistent street prostitution" being found in Coventry - more than any other city in England! While the number of arrests still isn't that large in comparison (there were actually only 16 arrests over the entire year), it's still startling to us that clients and escorts are being charged for these types of offences regardless.

Escorting And Prostitution Is Legal In Coventry

The reason we find it so unbelievable that there were 16 arrests for prostitution and escorting related charges in Coventry over the last year is because the "crime" of prostitution technically doesn't even exist in England. You heard that right - prostitution and escorting is actually perfectly legal in England. Not only England, it's also legal in Wales too! The law officially states that it is not illegal for any citizen (or citizens) of England to purchase or dispense sexual activities from one another.

But if that's the case, then how is it there were still 16 arrests for prostitution and escorting related charges last year? Well, that's there the whole grey area of the legal system comes into play.

Many Aspects Of Escorting And Prostitution Are Still Illegal

Legally, the powers that be are well aware of the fact that now more than ever public opinion towards escorting and sex work is favorable. Unlike the sentiment that was prominent even as few as 10 years ago, these days most people understand sex work isn't a threat to society as a whole - which is why members of parliament have officially declared prostitution illegal. However, that is merely a public posturing.

In reality, although the act of exchanging money for sexual intimacy is no longer illegal, escorts and clients can still be charged for almost everything leading up to that act. Things that are still illegal in the eyes of the law are:

  • Soliciting a client in public (i.e. an escort publicly announcing their services)
  • Soliciting an escort and/or prostitute in public (i.e. asking an escort to engage in sexual activity for money)
  • The management of escorts and/or prostitutes (i.e. "pimping")
  • The owning or management of a domicile in which escorting and/or prostitution occurs (i.e. a brothel)

Any person found guilty of committing any of the above mentioned offenses will be required to pay a fine of up to £500 upon their first offence. Further offenses will result in increased fines or possibly jail time.

An exception to the previously mentioned fines is made in the case of being found guilty of operating a Brothel. Those found guilty of operating a brother could face a punishment of prison time for up to seven years.

Coventry Escorts Are Some Of The Most Satisfying In England

As the leading authority on escorting in the United Kingdom, we often ask our clients questions regarding their general satisfaction regarding their escort experiences. When we conducted this study with clients who have recently been able to engage in kinky fun with a Coventry Escort, we were pleasantly surprised to find that their experiences rated in the top ten percent of the entire United Kingdom! Don't you want to experience one of the most gratifying sexual encounters of your life as well? Then what are you waiting for? We think it's definitely time to book a sinful rendezvous with a Coventry escort tonight!

Escorts Love Serving Their Clients In Coventry!

Why do escorts love coming to Coventry to give their clients some of the best sexual experiences of their lives? Much like any popular destination in the world, the answer is three things: location, location, location. Since Coventry is located in almost the direct center of England (and close to other largely populated cities such as Birmingham and Leicester), it acts as the perfect base of operations for an escort. Many find they can live in Coventry and still be very close to clients who live in other cities.

Coventry Has An Assortment Of Different Escorts To Choose From!

Coventry has a very diverse population of escorts. Not just in terms of racial identity, body type, or gender - but in terms of sexuality, experience, and services as well. Due to its reputation for being a hub of sexual activity, escorts come from all over the country (and even the world) to share their intimate abilities with clients in Coventry! Below we've listed just a few of the many types of escorts a client can find within the city.

Family-Friendly Escorts

Believe it or not, there are some escorts who still make a great deal of money without providing any type of sexual service! If you're looking to just spend the evening with some attractive company for intriguing conversation and nothing more, these types of escorts can be found in Coventry too!

Sexy Mature Professionals

If you don't want to mess around with a rookie escort, Coventry has a large selection of beautifully seasoned mature escorts who can't wait to show you a good time!

Eager Beginners

Because of the multitude of universities in Coventry, there is a wide variety of escorts in the city who are new to the industry. These fresh young escorts are looking to show clients what they can offer!

Fetish Escorts

If you have a specific kink you want to explore, you can definitely scratch that itch with one of the countless Fetish and Kink escorts that reside in Coventry.

Large And In Charge Escorts

Like your escort with a little more body behind them? Coventry clients can find a bountiful amount of BBW escorts around the city.

The Future Of Escorting In Coventry

Honestly, we believe that the future of escorting in Coventry has never looked brighter than it does in our current social climate. Citizens in the city are becoming aware of the injustices placed upon escorts and clients more and more every day, and new laws are being presented to the government to help sex workers in Coventry.

As well, academics at local universities in the city are working hard every day to scientifically prove the health benefits a productive sex life can bring to society. But that's just the start - Coventry was actually given the prestigious award of UK City of Culture 2021 in December of 2017. With credentials like these, there is no question that Sex in Coventry has never been hotter!

More People In Coventry Are Trying To Legalize Sex Work

Even though Coventry is the city with the highest rate of arrests for escorting related crimes, there are some people in the city who are trying to make all facets of escorting and prostitution legal. Calling themselves the English Collective of Prostitutes, this group of unionized sex workers are consistently putting pressure on the English government to not only decriminalize all forms of non-exploitative sex work, but legalize them as well.

The English Collective of Prostitutes is actually gaining a large amount of traction, as the the public is becoming more aware of the plight of sex workers. The majority of the public in Coventry is actually quite stunned when the learn the extent of the vulnerability most sex workers are exposed to under the current laws governing prostitution. While intended to protect the public at large, these laws actually force sex workers to conduct their business in isolation, therefore increasing their potential to fall victim to a dangerous situation.

A recent study conducted by RightsInfo found that over 49% of English citizens support the decriminalization of operating a brother in England, and 44% believe solicitation of sex work should not be a criminalized. As well, 72% of those polled did not have an unfavorable position toward ending all penalties for escorting and sexual solicitation.

Coventry Is Helping To Prove The Health Benefits Of Hooking Up!

Academics at the University of Coventry are working hard to prove that sex with a Coventry escort can be beneficial to your health! (Actually, sex with anyone will be beneficial to your health - but Coventry escorts are more fun!)

After conducting a study on over 6800 people from the ages of 50 to 89, researchers discovered that those with an active sex life were more capable of recognizing patterns and recalling lists of numbers and words. Specifically, men who were sexually active manages to score 23% higher on words-based tests than men who were not having sex, and 3% higher on all number tests!

These are the types of studies we at Escort Rankings UK can get behind!