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Derby is an industrial city in central England, and is considered to be one of the birthplaces of the Industrial Revolution. Several large manufacturing companies like Bombardier and Rolls Royce have factories in the city or nearby, and with plenty of unique historical landmarks, Derby is a wonderful place for citizens and tourists alike.

And of course, if anyone is looking to have some x-rated fun in Derby, you will not be disappointed with that either! There is a wonderful variety to the women in the city, and no matter what sort of woman excites you, there are plenty of lovely ladies to choose from. Whether you want a sweet english lass, or an exotic Asian tart, or a big-titted MILF who can't wait to have some naughty fun, you'll find them all here. Whether you are the wine and dine, dance til dawn, or go right to the hotel room sort of person, there is no doubt that there is definitely some wild times to be had in this not-so-sleepy city.

Keep reading this extensive guide here on, and you will be an expert on Derby before you know it!

A Bit About Derby

The history of Derby goes all the way back to the Romans who had a fort here, and later the Vikings had a settlement and called it 'Deoraby', which means 'village of the deer'. During Bonnie Prince Charles' failed uprising attempt in 1745, he briefly stayed in Derby. But it was the Industrial revolution where Derby made its biggest impact on British culture, when John Lombe designed the first water powered silk mill (he allegedly stole the design from Italian craftsman and seeking revenge they later poisoned him). Many spinning mills were built within and around the town after this, and it quickly grew. Factories that also manufactured hose in a new and after way were built, and while this may sound dry, this was the 'big money' dreams of the day.

With the railway arriving in the 19th century, the town quickly became a very important one at that, as many goods manufactured there could be put on rails and shipped across the country, or to the ports in Liverpool to be transported across the globe. In the 20th century, Rolls-Royce opened a factory there, and train themselves were being built at the Locomotive Works (which is now owned and operated by Bombardier Transportation). Toyota is also a very big employer.

This strong tie to factory work means that there is a proud working class culture to Derby, although they have an impressive arts and culture scene for a city of only two hundred and fifty thousand people.

Day Fun in Derby

If you are coming to Derby as a tourist, or just want to get to know your city al little better, there is plenty to do while the sun is shining (or at least trying to peak out through the clouds). The most popular landmarks are all within walking distance in the city centre. As many of these attractions are popular with tourists and locals alike, they make for great hook-up and meeting spots if you want to do some initial socializing out in the open.

The Market Hall is a wonderfully large building with a historical ironwork roof and is a good place to do some shopping and people watch.

The Derby Aborteum is England first public park (it was deed in 1840), as prior to this land was either owned by the nobility or the crown.

While the original Silk Mill that John Lombe built is currently closed, you can take a tour of the grounds.

The Derby Museum and Art Gallery is a top draw where you can see collections of Porcelain designs and historical artefacts of the city that range from military to geology.

Derby Cathedral has a large 16th century tower that can be climbed and gives a scenic view of the city centre. Falcons have nested in the tower, and you can even use telescopes to watch them soar through the skies in the summer.

For more modern draws, the Westfield Derby Mall is great for shopping and has a cinema with twelve screens.

For its relatively small size, Derby can offer up plenty of treats when the sun goes down. There are several microbreweries in the city, so you can sample many beers that you'll not find anywhere else! In the summertime there is Derby Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale, which is on of the largest beer festival in Britain. Taking your date to one of these pubs is a great idea to get to know each other over a pint.

Actually meeting women at these pubs can be a bit of a hit and miss, as it is certainly becoming rarer and rarer for ladies to go solo and have a cocktail alone at the bar anymore. But it never hurts to try, and maybe you might have a lucky meeting if there is a group of ladies out and about.

The Dolphin is the oldest pub in the city, and is the centre for many beer festivals, social gatherings, but also just a place to grab a pint and some fish and chips if that's what you fancy.

The Flowerpot is a bit more of a lively spot and has its own microbrews on tap.

The Brunswick is near the rail station and is actually housed inside an old railway building, and is the city's original microbrewery.

Derby has two Wetherspoon's Pub right beside each other, The Standing Order and the Thomas Leaper, the latter of which typically has live music every night.

For those who would like a touch of culture, the Derby Theatre puts on plenty of plays thanks to Derby University, and the QUAD art and film centre is a great spot to watch independent cinema and taking in new artistic works.

Ghost walks are available at The Dolphin Pub, if you want to scare to your date into your arms as you get a tour of the haunted side of Derby.


Considering what you are looking for, this section can certainly provide value information for you! There are plenty of different hotels in Derby that can fit your budget, and that's important, because the sort of place you book can say a lot about you in the eyes of the escort.

If you want to spend the big money, than the Cathedral Quarter Hotel is definitely top of the list, and you should certainly spend plenty of time here before and after your encounter. It is an old historical building but completely refurbished with modern flair. There is a grand ballroom for fine dining and even a mini-spa to relax in. If you have your escort stay overnight, certainly she would love to take advantage of all the luxuries this hotel offers.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Hallmark Hotel chain has a location opposite the main train station, which makes it a very easy spot to get to. The rooms may not be anything any, but if you are only having a quick visit, the decor on the walls won't be your focus.

The Rangemoor Park Hotel is a good middle ground between the above two choices, and offers a few different sized rooms at reasonable rates, and breakfast and parking is included.

A popular choice for these quick hook-ups is the Ibis Budget, which is just like the name sounds like, and is close to the centre of the city.

The Ladies in Derby

While not the same size as London or Manchester, Derby has a great mix of all sorts of women who love to have fun in and out of the bedroom. While the majority of women are of traditional English stock, you might find some lovely eastern European beauties, as well as a mix of Asian and African ladies thrown in for good measure. And while the slim young lady in her twenties might typically be the one that's on most men's minds, don't forget that there are several mature and curvy women who are just as sexy and interesting in their own way.

Being a small and friendly city, you might find it easy to make initial small talk with these women if you are out and about, but of course politeness and nothing too risque' is the name of the game in the opening half. Playing it cool in most circumstances and not mugging yourself will go a long way in eventually getting it on. And since Derby has long had the reputation of being a modern town, you won't find any prudish in the bedroom, and it is clear that the ladies love to get naughty just as much as you do. In fact, if you like to get a bit kinky in the bedroom, you will certainly be able to find some ladies in town who have the same sort of kinks and fetishes as you do.

Meeting Up Online

As noted above, meeting women at pubs for a one-night stand is becoming harder and harder these days, as it's become clear that meeting online is no longer just for tech-savvy twenty two year olds. Nowadays there are several apps available to swipe right and find the person that you match with, and some are even designed with certain ages and personal actives in mind. And among Derby's two hundred and fifty thousand people you may have some luck in setting up a date and meeting at some of the day or night landmarks listed above, but if you want to cut right to the chase and definitely have a really sexy evening, there is

And sensibly there is a entire section on the site for escorts just from Derby, and there are over two hundred of them ready and willing to show you an amazing night of sexy fun. The layout of all the profiles makes it easy to search by photo and name, and when you click on it you can get plenty of information you need about the escort, and a little bio as well. And if you do want to know more or go right to booking, it is easy to contact the by phone or email.

After you've agreed to meet, the choice of whether you want to go to her flat or have her come to yours, or meet at a hotel, or first meet for drinks and then let the night flow from there, is entirely up to you and her. Chances are though that it will have a very happy ending.

Some Derby Escorts

As you explore, you will be surprised at just how extensive and varied the list of escorts in Derby are. No matter what sort of woman excites you, whether the stunning supermodel type, the curvy MILF, or even the wild kinky tart with the leather gear and the whip, you will be able to find them in the city. And it won't be long before you are knocking boots with them.

Kayla is a very sexy blonde beauty with an impossibly hot body and a very dirty mind. Her pictures alone will get you very excited, and once you meet her you will find that she is an excellent companion to chat with over drinks before showing you a wild time in the bedroom. If you want a straightforward sexual experience you won't be disappointed, and if you want something a little bit kinkier, no doubt she can offer that to you as well.

Raise is a mixed race vixen with long flowing black hair and a very soft pair of hands that would feel amazing rubbing up and down your skin. She specializes in some erotic massages that definitely don't take long before getting very naughty. The better you treat her, the better she will treat you, and it will definitely be completely worth it.

Kitty is a brunette cutie who holds some very kinky secrets behind her kind demeanour. Don't let those glasses fool you, as she has a nice long list of sexy fantasies that she would love to indulge in if you let her. From some BDSM spankings to threesomes to wild adventures with all sorts of sex toys, everything is on the table (and in bed) when you book some time with her.

Lena is a mature woman who is no doubt the classic MILF. She looks amazing for her age, and is in the peak of her sexual rime. Not only does her experience make her a lovely companion for dinner and drinks, but she knows exactly what she wants in the bedroom, and she knows exactly how to make your time with her unforgettable.


When trying to get laid in Derby, you have plenty of options, and that certainly includes going right for success by going to But no matter how you meet the ladies of Derby, you will certainly find that treating them to a good time before the bedroom will guarantee a much better experience once you get there. Whether you are doing the traditional chatting over drinks or meeting early in the day and going to take in the local sights, Derby can offer plenty to make sure that you are getting on well before getting it on.

Of course once you do get into the bedroom, the advice here is the same no matter where you are. Treating your partner with respect and generosity will immediately be repaid back in full and maybe even a little extra. Each woman gets wildly turned on a bit of a different way and being opened minded about trying to satisfy her and simply listening to what she say she enjoys is a recipe for giving her a nice big o.

At the same time, don't be discouraged if you are having a hard time with meeting women right from the start, or if your ideal escort isn't available for booking when you would like. Staying positive and polite the whole time will reap much better rewards than being negative and sullen after any sort of setback.


Derby is an extremely safe city, although showing a little bit of caution when walking around the city at night would be a good idea. No reason to get involved in a little bit of aggro with some lads who might have had a few pints too many.

While booking an escort is an extremely rewarding and trouble-free process from start to finish, having a bit of common sense goes a long way. If you at any time don't feel comfortable with the situation, either because of where she would like to meet, or if she is acting in a way that causes you to worry, it may be best to leave immediately. And if there is any sort of health emergency, don't hesitate to call for an ambulance right quick.

Practicing safe sex is obviously a must when having sex with a woman you have just met recently, especially if she is an escort. No judgements here, as sensible safety should never be called into question.