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Gateshead escorts

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Gateshead escorts

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Gateshead escorts

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Gateshead escorts

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Gateshead escorts

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Gateshead escorts

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Gateshead escorts

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Gateshead escorts

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Gateshead escorts

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Gateshead escorts

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Gateshead escorts

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Gateshead escorts

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Gateshead escorts

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Online: Oct 2020

Gateshead is known to many Geordies – and Britons at large – as an artsy town with a cultivated cultural scene dating back centuries. This is thanks to its many architectural masterpieces, including the seven bridges that connect it to the city of Newcastle across the River Tyne, the Sage Gateshead, and more. Its artsy image is further pushed by the presence of the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art and its modern building, one of many signifying a re-gentrification of sorts.

But there’s more to Gateshead than just fancy bridges and an artsy scene. The town has a glowing nightlife and an adult entertainment scene that would make others go green with envy. The escorting scene in Gateshead continues to thrive alongside dive bars, strip clubs, live adult events, and other attractions. Gateshead’s unique variety of escorts, plus the fact that escorting is legal across the town, makes this one of the best towns to visit for a good time with an escort.

A history of escorting in Gateshead

Gateshead is one of those English towns that have been around forever. Escorting and prostitution have been a significant activity in the town of Gateshead since before it was part of County Durham in the early 17th century. Prostitutes did business in its alleyways while escorts catered to the needs of older, wealthier gentlemen from the confines of their homes. Terms such as mistress became popular during this time.

Even as the town changed designations in the 1970s, from being under County Durham’s jurisdiction to be under that of the borough of Gateshead, its sex business grew. At the time, the legalities of escorting were sketchy, but it was associated with prostitution, so it was deemed illegal.

Escorting has become more prominent as the 21st century opened. High-class escorts are now common in Gateshead as in any other town, and they have clients from all over the country. With the legalization of the practice in 2009, everything became easier.

The Legalities of Escorting in Gateshead

Gateshead’s location in North East England places it squarely in the jurisdiction of England’s governing law. Currently, the country’s law on escorting states that escorting is legal and not punishable by the law. This is a stark difference from other parts of the United Kingdom such as Scotland, which legalise only bits and pieces of sex work.

Gateshead’s current situation is the result of the Policing and Crime Act of 2009, which put to rest the battle regarding whether or not to legalize prostitution in England. For years, the country’s top leadership sought to deal with the vice of prostitution head-on; legalizing it was the final choice. The law’s acts decriminalize many aspects of sex work and prostitution while formally recognizing others.

For escorts, the law recognized and legalized outcalls and the act of offering sexual services as long as it’s done in private. In other words, escorts can always meet clients safely without fear of breaking the law. While solicitation of sexual services in exchange for money remains illegal in some parts of the UK, it is not a crime in Gateshead or the greater England.

Still, a few aspects of sex work in Gateshead are considered illegal. For example, the Northumbria Police is mandated to press charges on anyone found advertising sexual services using the print medium in Gateshead and surrounding areas like Newcastle. They can also lock you up if you are found to be running a brothel, defined by the law text as a place where three or more people offer sexual services.

Escorts in Gateshead remain safe from all these scenarios, however, thanks to luck and the occasional legal loophole. The law does not extend its no-advertising order to digital and social media advertising, so escorts continue to promote their services online legally.

An escort’s apartment is not considered a brothel by the law, but even then, many seek outcalls for more security. The issue of pimping, which is also illegal, is one of all escort agencies are always working around.

The Types of Escorts in Gateshead

For a quiet time browsing for escorts in Gateshead, you need to know the types in town. Escorts in Gateshead, like in any other place, can be grouped into two categories: independent escorts and agency escorts. This categorization makes all the difference between their work styles. It’s not always necessary, but it’s smart to know who your escort is.

Agency escorts

As their name suggests, agency escorts are adult entertainers that are work with an agency in their day to day enterprise. They can be located by browsing agency websites where they are usually listed. Agency escorts are popular for their training, beauty, and class. They also tend to charge higher.

By nature of their situation, the most significant tasks that agency escorts have are to prepare themselves and meet their clients. The rest of the technical details such as advertising, booking clients, scheduling clients, and sorting out accommodation might be handled in their entirety by the agency, or on a piece-by-piece basis. An agency is usually a virtual company of sorts, and it gets a cut of her work fees as a reward for its efforts.

On choosing an agency escort

There are an upside and downside to choosing an agency escort when in Gateshead. Among their positives is that agency escorts are usually gorgeous, sexy, and worthy dates/arm candy. Client reviews tend to note that agency escorts are the best in the sheets. Their most significant selling point is that they are the safest option for clients to book.

Among their downsides is that they can be costly, courtesy of the agency’s cut. They are also usually very high maintenance, which means that clients have to spend more than usual to keep them happy.

Independent escorts

The other type of escorts you will find in Gateshead are ‘indies,’ better known as independent escorts. These are distinguished by the fact they work on their own. Many such escorts choose to be independent because they want to be in better control of their work.

The nature of their work is such that they handle every aspect of their business, be it advertising, promotion, scheduling, booking, or accommodation. They also set their own rules and charge their fees. You can find them on their websites or in their escort ads listed on escort malls and elsewhere.

On booking an independent escort

The upside to booking an independent escort is that you get access to a lot more services than you would have otherwise received. Many independent escorts offer both mainstream and fringe services where others won’t, such as fetishes and kinks. Clients also like them for being less restrictive with their session rules, especially when it comes to travel.

One major downside is that many independent escorts are niche in nature, be it mature or BBW or not very good looking. They are not always every client’s cup of tea. They can also be pretty expensive, especially if they are highly reviewed.

Categories of Escorts You’ll find in Gateshead

In addition to the types of escorts in Gateshead, you need to know the different categories of escorts you’ll come across in Gateshead. The categories are representative of smaller subsets of escorts within the industry, and the main ones include:

Mature Escorts: There is a common misconception that all escorts are young, sexy things, even in Gateshead. But older escorts remain major players in the industry and are popular with many clients. The common term for them is ‘mature escorts,’ and they fall anywhere between 35 and 60+ years of age. They tend to operate independently and on the fringes of things.

Niche Escorts: These are escorts that dabble in only one specific sexual exercise or skill set. They can also cater to a particular type of client, hence the niche. In Gateshead, you’ll find these darlings, ready to show you the full range of their expertise.

BBW Escorts: Also known as Big Beautiful Women, these escorts are treasures waiting to be discovered by clients. They may not be as conventionally thin as other escorts, but they offer services just as magical.

Ethnic Escorts: Gateshead is a hotbed of races and ethnicities like many other UK towns, making it one of the best places to find ethnic escorts. Ethnic escorts are those of different ethnicities except white. In Gateshead, you will find Asian, Latina, Black, Caribbean, Indian, and more such escorts available.

Fetish and BDSM escort : These escorts handle even the weirdest of client fetishes without batting an eye. BDSM escorts are also available and ready to please as they punish. In Gateshead, you can find escorts in this category for every fetish you’ve ever fantasized over.

Trans escorts: When they say Gateshead has a variety of escorts, they are referring to categories such as trans escorts. Trans escorts are distinguished by the fact that they have transitioned within sexes or still are. You’ll find some post-operation and another pre-op.

Sugar babies: Gateshead is also a good town for getting younger escorts to turn into sugar babies. The town is home to lots of young people already, and many young escorts are willing to enter into partnerships with clients.

Mistresses: Married and seeking a high-class escort to be your mistress? This category of escorts is also available in Gateshead in good numbers. Whether you like her young or old, this is where you can find her in any ethnicity you want.

Very high-class escorts: Some of Gateshead’s escorts are of the high-end tier that’s known for being way pricier than even fellow expensive escorts. Their type flies out to exotic locations to meet clients and offers exclusive and high-class services. If your taste is this kind of escort, you’re sure to find enough in Gateshead.

Lower-class escorts: While they may be ‘lower class,’ these escorts are still very expensive and high-tier. They operate locally in Gateshead and are more likely to host in-calls than outcalls.

Other sub categorization’s of Gateshead’s escorts include busty escorts, teen escorts, skinny escorts, emo escorts and more.

The Average Gateshead Escort

Before you go out to meet an escort from Gateshead, you can build a sample profile of them using our breakdown according to age, rates charged, ethnicity, and nationality.


The average Gateshead escort is aged between 18 and 60. That said, you are more likely to find active ones in the 23 to 36 age bracket. All ages operate both independently and with agencies, although the younger ones tend to be snapped up by agencies more. The older escorts in Gateshead are mostly indie.

Rates Charged

Escorts in Gateshead tend to charge higher than their peers in smaller towns. Still, their figures aren’t too high. In-call sessions cost anywhere from £90 and £250, depending on the escort’s calibre and level of experience. This is for an hour’s worth of time; 60 minutes is the minimum session time offered by Gateshead escorts.

If you want to meet her for 30 minutes or less, it can be discussed. The longer the duration, the more the fee doubles. A session lasting 48 hours can cost at least £3000. Outcall sessions cost a bit more than in-calls in Gateshead. For an hour of companionship, the average Gateshead escort charges between £160 and £250.

The average escort session also comes with extras that the client might request and has to pay for, such as dinner dates, dates to parties, additional sex styles, and more. Extra services cost anywhere between £50 and £300, depending on nature and skill set required.


In terms of nationality, an escort in Gateshead is most likely to be a Briton. That’s because, from the 2011 population census, there are more registered Britons in Gateshead (over 50%) than any other nationalities.

Still, as with many other towns in Britain, there are lots of nationalities mingling with the local population.

Immigration from other countries such as Ukraine and India is the main culprit. There is a chance, therefore, that your escort in Gateshead will be Indian, Eastern European, or black. Spanish and Caribbean escorts are common on escort websites.


The numbers on nationality in Gateshead predict the ethnicity statistics in Gateshead accurately. Thanks to an overwhelmingly British population, your Gateshead escort will most likely be of the White British ethnicity. There is also a chance that she will be local, hence a Geordie.

The White ethnicity continues to dominate as escorts of the White Non-British variation also rank noticeably. This group is comprised of white women from Eastern Europe and other countries. Escorts of Latina, Asian, and Black/Caribbean ethnicity are fewer in Gateshead but not unavailable.

The Distinguishing Traits of Gateshead Escorts

Unlike escorts in any other town, Gateshead’s escorts have a distinctive feel about them. Expect any or all of the following traits:

• Diverse

There is no homogeneity regarding Gateshead’s escorts. Thanks to a very diverse pool of nationalities and backgrounds, clients can expect escorts of very ethnicity they’ve ever wished for. This diversity also extends to age; younger and older escorts are all available.

• Urban

Gateshead’s escort gives off an urban vibe in conversation, in bed, and their look at life. Gateshead may not be a city, but it sure is urban and modern, and this rubs off on the girls. Expect knowledgeable girls with views on things that make their companionship with you even more delectable.

• Very sexy

There’s not a doubt about how sexy Gateshead’s escorts are. Even the oldest of them is always sexy and youthful-seeming. With their juicy bodies and long legs, you’ll be as moved as other clients were when they first see a Gateshead escort walk into the room.

• Local and authentic

Many of Gateshead’s escorts are homebred around the River Tyne, so you’ll find yourself dealing with very joyous Geordies that look and sound like they should. The occasional foreign escort is always available, but a Geordie girl never disappoints.

• Sexually open-minded

The average Gateshead escort offers a wider range of services than escorts in other towns in the same area. Many escorts offer both fetish services and mainstream companionship services. In a session, the average Doncaster escort will be open to tweaking things here and there for more fun.

• Professional and discreet

It may not be a wide metropolis a la London, but Gateshead’s escorts take their jobs seriously, and it shows. They like to keep time and favor clients that do too. Former clients note that they like to be respected as much they respect their clients. The issue of understanding discretion comes with the territory.


Gateshead is a wonderful town to visit. For escort clients, it’s also an endless pool of an endless variety of escort beauties you won’t find anywhere else. If you feel like having some high-class fun, take a chance and book one of Gateshead’s escorts for a night caper. If existing reviews are to go by, you won’t be disappointed. This guide from should get you updated and knowledgeable in only a matter of minutes.